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          Braut Christine in Prea James

          Ein wahrgewordener Traum auf Schloss Freudenstein

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          Die bezaubernde Hochzeit von Lisa-Marie

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          Cocos Traumhochzeit in der Toskana


          All The Feels will close its doors after this season 🤍

          If you had asked me a few weeks ago about how 2023 will look like for All The Feels, it definitely would not have been: I will close it after this season.

          But that’s life! And I kind of love that we don’t always know what’s about to happen next. 🙏🏼

          When I started All The Feels in 2019, I wanted to create a space for the modern, fashion-forward bride, who appreciates the process of how her dress is made, the quality and art that comes with it, and who dares to wear something special and extraordinary on her big day.

          I’m so happy to have had so many wonderful and strong women visiting my store and so many of them who appreciated those values of mine. ✨

          The list of reasons why I came to this decision is long, but mainly I didn’t want to change my concept to carrying more classic wedding gowns with a lower price point. I listened to my heart and it told me: This is not me – this wouldn’t be All The Feels.

          One more and very beautiful and private reason that may have added the last piece to the puzzle is that I will welcome another baby this summer. 🥹✨🤍

          I will keep offering appointments until the end of March and will have a huge Sample Sale in April. So, if you had planned on visiting – you better hurry. 😅😉

          To all my 2023 brides: You already have a message in your e-mail inbox, and you will wear the dress of your dreams on your big day as planned. I can’t wait to see you shine.

          To all the wonderful and strong women, I got to work with over the past 4 years, my designers: I’m in awe of the art you create every day and I’m honored to have had the chance to represent your work here in Germany.

          To all my fellow bridal stores: You rock! THANK YOU for showing me that women support women, for always being so supportive and for the chats we had. Brides can be so happy to have you running your cool businesses.

          This is not the end. It’s the beginning of something new.

          Always choose love.