TO MENU

        When to begin looking for THE dress?

        Yay, you’re about to get married! Congratulations. Now, you will start a journey, you will never forget. To have your dress all set in time, we suggest you to begin looking for it about 10-12 months in advance of your wedding date. Most of our dresses need about 8-10 months until they will be all yours and ready for your big day. Like that, you will have enough time finding the right one for you.

        Do I need to book an appointment?

        You’re looking for All The Feels – you will get All The Feels. This is why we ask you to book your appointment with us well in advance. Like that you will have the store all by yourself for around 90 minutes. We’re so much looking forward to meeting you and your loved ones.

        What happens right after I found the dress?

        Hurray – you found the dress. We’re so happy for you. During your first appointment with us, we will take all need measurments so our lovely designers will be able to make your dress in the perfect size for you. Right after we ordered your dress, it will take 5-8months for them to create your dream dress. In some cases we accept rush-orders, too. But please be aware that this will cost an extra fee.

        Once your dress will have arrived at our store, you have two options. You can either book an appointment with our lovely Lena Richter, who will make the last alterations for you, or you will pick up your dress and take it home to your seamstress of choice.

        How long will I have time finding my dress at the store?

        You will have 90 minutes to find your dress at All The Feels – Bridal Store. This will be enough time for you to make a selection and try on your favorite dresses. Please note – in case we will need more time, we can always find a second appointment, so don’t be scared. 😉

        Am I allowed to bring some friends?

        Of course, ladies! We want to invite you and your bridal squad to our living room and enjoy the time while finding your dress. I know this may sound weird to you at first, but we suggest to not bring more than 4 additional people to your fitting. Why? You will be overwhelmed seeing yourself in a wedding dress – believe us. So, the more opinions, the more confusion for your mind. We are sure you will make the right choice in who to bring for this very special day. We can’t wait to meet you all.

        What do I need to bring to my appointment?

        Please be sure to wear your most subtle underwear, nude or white colored and no seams. If you already found them, bring your wedding shoes. Also, please don’t wear any make up, since the dresses should stay as white and beautiful for the next bride.

        What sizes do you carry at All The Feels – Bridal Store?

        Our sample collections range from size 36-40. Please don’t be afraid if this is not your size – we can always order them a few sizes up or down. We will make sure you will experience the dresses as if they were in your size.

        Do you offer alterations?

        We offer alterations in collaboration with a local seamstress. However, these are costs independent of your dress purchase and must be settled with her. In most cases, appointments are made without any problems – but please note that it is important to book your appointment on time. Especially just before the summer time, the seamstresses are working at full capacity.
        If you have any questions, we are of course at your side, but the final changes to your dress are not part of the services offered in the purchase contract.

        What are your payment policies?

        We accept debit card as well as cash. We require a 80% deposit on all dresses when you order, the remaining 20% can be paid at your second fitting.

        Is there a return/cancellation policy?

        All sales are final and we do not offer exchanges or refunds nor can we refund the deposit paid.

        How much are your dresses? 

        Our dresses cost between 2.250€ – 6.800€. Most of them are between 2.500€ – 4.000€.